Sarah Cadwallender

Music Education Portfolio

Song Mashup

Mashups and remixes are very popular today. Because of this, it is important as a music educator to know about them and how they can engage students in the classroom. For this Digital Lab project, I made my own mashup to learn the process, so I can pass the information on to my future students.

The Process

It took me awhile to decide what I wanted to mix. In the end, I chose the all-vocal form of “Fortunate Son” from the video game Bioshock Infinite because it was almost like a stem. I then found dubstep stems by searching for dubstep remix contests. I decided on Obsologic’s song/contest for their song “Picnic” and used the “basses with sidechain” and “drums” stems.

Stems for “Picnic”

I also included a snippit of Elizabeth’s song she sings in the game (“Will the Circle Be Unbroken“) and a quote from the game at the end.

By mixing all of these materials together, I have made a mashup, or a song made from many sources. If I had enough knowledge of the dubstep genre to make the stems myself I would call this a dubstep remix, but now it is definitely a mashup.

To finish this project, musically I needed to know how to mix dubstep, which I didn’t when I began. I needed to know the names of various parts (sidechain, etc). In general for making a project like this, a person needs to know how to construct a song, since mashups are built from blocks of material. Technologically, knowing how to make one’s own stems would be useful, but all I needed for mine was how to use GarageBand.