Sarah Cadwallender

Music Education Portfolio

Teaching Resources

  Here are teaching resources I have compiled myself:

Evaluating Sources

  • A brief essay about how to tell good internet sources from bad ones

5 Resources For Teaching Piano to Young Children

  • A collection of articles, videos, and activities online

  Teaching resources I have found:

Teacher Idea Swap

  • A site where teachers can share resources

Emerging Perspectives on Learning, Teaching, and Technology

  • Website of free articles, lectures etc.

Kodály Center – Music Collection

  • Wonderful song resource

Beth’s Music Notes

  • Amazing resource for kids’ songs, lesson plans, activities, and resources. Also connects to other good online sources.

Genre Resources

Music Genre List

  • A fairly basic list; an attempt to record all musical genres.

Every Noise At Once

  • This is an interactive map of music with listening examples for each genre. An interesting way to look at the relationships between genres.

Fundamental Music Genres

  • I liked that this addresses how subtle genre can be and discusses the difference between main genres and subgenres.

National Jukebox

  • Interesting source of some genres and recordings.

Map of Metal

  • Great resource on Metal genres, with explanations and recordings, but can’t guarantee that either lyrics or videos are appropriate for schools.

Ishkur’s Guide to Electronic Music

  • Another amazing, interactive guide to a lot of musical genres. Unfortunately, also inappropriate for most schools.


  • A fascinating site that groups music in a visual way.

Classical Music Classification

  • Another lovely map with listening examples. This one could be given to students.



“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” – Ben Franklin