Sarah Cadwallender

Music Education Portfolio

Soundation Creation


This song was created using Soundation, a free Digital Audio Workstation  program in a web browser.

Learning how to use Soundation was not difficult, since it is very similar to GarageBand in layout. In this, my Technological Knowledge was not challenged. I created the song by listening to loops of sound in the program’s library and putting them together into a fun song. I might have learned something about audio effects, as I originally planned on recording vocals, but I found out that Soundation will not let you save or mixdown recorded audio unless you pay for a subscription. So, I altered my original plan so that the melody also came from Soundation’s library.

I used Content Knowledge to construct the song from the clips in the library, attempting to make the song interesting using what I know about harmonic structures.

I did not use Pedagogical Knowledge for this, but that will come in during the final stage of this project.

While having a DAW in a web browser is a great idea, giving people the ability to work with their projects from any computer and without downloading any programs, Soundation definitely has its drawbacks. While working with the free version of the program, I found that my options were extremely limited. While working with their sound files was a lot of fun, not being able to bring outside materials in was a huge restraint and made it harder to give the composition a personal feel. While Soundation might be good for a complete beginner to digital audio work or with a purchased plan, the free version did not seem sufficient for my needs as a composer.


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