Sarah Cadwallender

Music Education Portfolio

Lesson Plans

  Art of Teaching Children Music

In this class, I learned many useful techniques for teaching young children, teaching music, and making class fun. Below are some lesson plans I created in the class.

  • Orff Arrangement – Students will learn ostinati for the song “Sun Don’t Set in the Mornin’” and play from memory on Orff instruments
  • Don Gato – Students will sing Don Gato with movement and accompaniment and find out which parts of the song sound the same, similar, and different.
  • Dotted Quarter and Eighth Note – Students will be able to sing the song and demonstrate they are able to read the new rhythm (dotted quarter and an eighth)



  Art of Teaching Choral Musicians

In this class, I learned specific techniques for teaching a choir, writing lesson plans, planing rehearsals, as well as general music classroom teaching ideas.

  • Three-Rehearsal Choral Plan – here is an example plan for three choir rehearsals I made, using three songs, all at different levels. “Soon-Ah Will Be Done” was begun very recently, “If Music Be the Food of Love” is being introduced to the choir in the first rehearsal, and “Erev Shel Shoshanim” has been worked on for awhile and just needs finishing touches.



Art of Teaching Contemporary Musicians

In this class, I learned about hybrid music classes – combining different aspects of music into one class, bringing popular or unusual music into the classroom, developing project-based lesson plans, and general thinking outside the box.

  • Genre Project Lesson Plans – this is a large-scale set of lesson plans, covering a month or so of lessons. Through this three-step project plan, students explore genre and its flexibility. There is example dialogue for student discussions and also for the teacher, to show how the lessons might go. This project-based plan includes generative questions, which are open-ended and designed to generate more ways for students to explore a big concept. It also has various kinds of student learning goals (but each section has a specific, measurable objective as well).



  Internships/Student Teaching

Part of a Music Education degree at ASU is interning for three semesters at various schools before being a full-time student teacher in your last semester. In the class attached to my internship, I learned a different method for writing lesson plans. Here is a lesson plan I made and enacted in my internship in Spring 2015:

  • Inquiry Lesson Plan –  In small groups, students will identify patterns and other useful score information in the piece “J’entends Le Moulin.”

For my last semester at ASU, I was assigned to two full-time student teaching placements. Here are some lesson plans I wrote or co-wrote during this time:

  • Twiddle Dee Dee – Students will choose instruments to musically represent animals and plants in a storybook and play them with chosen dynamics and tempo when their part is read by the teacher.
  • Elementary Choir Rehearsal Plan – Students will demonstrate correct mouth space and shape for good vowels.