Sarah Cadwallender

Music Education Portfolio

College Portfolio

Table of Contents

  • Lesson Plans
    • Art of Teaching Children
    • Art of Teaching Choral Musicians
    • Art of Teaching Contemporary Musicians
    • Internship
  • Videos
    • Educational video teaching children a song
  • Arrangements
    • “Sun Don’t Set in the Mornin'” for Orff instruments
    • Hebrew folksong for two recorders
  • Digital Work
    • We Have A Problem Project – Middle School Choir and Special Ed class musical collaboration – using technology to solve a music classroom dilemma
    • Creating a “mashup” – learning about and creating a mashup song
    • Researching Soundation – in-depth research of an online music program
  • Essays
    • Comparison of ancient Greek music to today’s hip-hop
    • Research essay about music in the Holocaust