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Five Resources for Teaching Piano to Young Children

Teaching young children can be difficult, especially if they are too young to grasp simple concepts, such as the idea of counting to four over and over again. Here are some resources I found helpful.

Teaching Music To Children

  • This website is a good place to begin because it gives very good advice on how to approach teaching children piano in general, as well as some basic tips on teaching methods.

Music Tech Teacher

  • This is a wonderful website full of games and exercises to learn basic music theory and basic music knowledge, such as instrument families.

How to Teach Piano to Kids Videos

  • This series of videos has been very helpful for me. The woman in the videos has great advice for teaching piano to children who still need to grasp basic skills, such as hearing the difference between high notes and low notes, as well as general teaching advice.

9 Tips for Teaching Piano to Young Ages

  • These 9 pieces of advice on teaching extremely young children are very good. I have personally seen most of these to be very effective and would recommend this article highly.

How to Teach Young Children Piano

  • This is an amazing article with great ideas for exercises to give children too young for lessons (3-5) a good foundation in music and piano.

Piano Lessons In Your Home

  • Here is another page of games and worksheets for children to practice music theory