Sarah Cadwallender

Music Education Portfolio

Cover Project – Process

I made a metal cover of an art song I am singing for Private Voice called Per Pieta, Bel’idol Mio by Bellini. It is a strophic love song in ABA form. I chose to take only the first A part and add metal accompaniment to it.

I needed to experiment at first. My Content Knowledge for metal music was low, though I listen to it a lot, so I had to actively listen to metal music to hear what was characteristic and apply it to my own track. I searched long and hard through GarageBand for appropriate loops. In the end I learned a lot about metal instrumental parts.

I found good loops for percussion, bass, and fancy riffs, while I made a midi for the lead guitar’s simple chord follow-along. I also took a midi version of the piano accompaniment for the art song and made it into a guitar accompaniment. I learned a lot about dealing with midis – creation of and altering pre-made ones.

Using a midi of what the vocal track would eventually be, I created the instrumental accompaniment to take into a quiet room at a later time to record my voice track. This was also a technological and content learning part for me because at first I recorded the vocal line with the intent to make the accompaniment follow. However, I forgot to account for the unforgiving tempo of GarageBand loops as well as Metal music in general, so I had to trash the first vocal track.

I finished by recording my vocal track while listening to my accompaniment on headphones so as to match tempo, then added it to the final mix.