Sarah Cadwallender

Music Education Portfolio

Welcome to my digital portfolio!

I am currently a Music Education student at Arizona State University, set to graduate Spring 2016. I have been passionate about both teaching and music since I was a little girl. Whether creating an online guide to teach users of a forum how to customize their own profile page or teaching my fellow students at my high school Italian (I was learning as well, just a lesson or two ahead of the class), I took every opportunity I could to teach or instruct. If a person doesn’t understand an idea, I see it as a puzzle-like challenge to find a different way of explaining it in a way they can understand. As for music – while I have loved singing and playing instruments all my life, my true joy is making music with others – whether in a drumming circle, choir, or just playing musical improvisation games. I hope to combine both of these pursuits in my future career.

Throughout my childhood, I have experienced several education methods. I have been home-schooled, and I have attended public, private, and Sudbury model schools. I hope to apply the knowledge and experience gained from these different teaching styles, as well as what I am learning at ASU, to my future students.